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SME International Matchmaking

US-China Entrepreneur Summit 2009

From November 30th to December 4th 2009, the US-China Entrepreneur Summit 2009 was held in Chicago, New York and Maryland. The summit was co-organized and supported by the US-China Exchange Association (USCEA), the Global Alliance of SMEs (GASME), the US Department of Commerce, the US Small Business Administration (SBA), MeetChinaBiz, the Chicago Chamber of Commerce, the City University of New York (CUNY), the University of Maryland and the Diverse Manufacturing Supply Chain Alliance. In attendance were over 200 American officials and entrepreneurs and more than 30 Chinese entrepreneurs, from companies such as FAW, TCL, Wuliangye and Yanjing Beer.

On November 30th, the Chicago Summit was held in the Grant Thornton at Jackson Blvd., Chicago. The summit was attended by Stephen Chipman, Chairman and CEO of Grant Thornton, Mr. Shawn He, chairman of MeetChinaBiz, Thomas Bartkoski, Director of Int'l Business Development, World Business Chicago, Shufen Zhao, Director of International Programs of the Chicago Chamber of Commerce, Li Jinrao, President of Beijing Renwen University, Su Pengpai, Director of USCEA China Office, and over 80 Chinese and American entrepreneurs. After keynote speeches delivered by Chinese and American guests, the two nations' entrepreneurs had a face-to-face discussion on the topics of international M & A and manufacturing consignments.

On December 2nd, the New York Summit was held in CUNY, NYC, encompassing three major events: firstly, a keynote speech on US-China economic cooperation; secondly, the announcement of China's Most Valuable Brand Ranking List (2009); and thirdly, awarding ceremonies for the Outstanding SME Entrepreneur 2009 and Global SME Innovation Awards 2009. The summit specifically invited William Spitler, GASME Chairman and former Director of the New York Office of US Department of Commerce, Toni Corsini, Director of the SBA International program of New York Region, Dr. Christine Saulnier, Dean of College of Staten Island (CSI) of CUNY, Dr. Laura Nowak, Chair of CUNY Business Department, Dr. George Wang, USCEA President and CUNY professor, Dr. Alan Zimmerman, Chair of CSI International Business Programs, and ProfessorDan Gagliardi, Professor of Marketing of CSI/CUNY. The summit was also attended by more than 100 CUNY professors, students, financial experts and Chinese and US entrepreneurs. Attendees participated in profound and significant discussions over topics such as trends in and prospects for US-China economic cooperation, the cultivation and development of corporate brands, and international financing. Having been entrusted with the task by the relevant rating agencies, William Spitler, GASME Chairman unveiled the rankings in the China's Most Valuable Brand list for 2009.

On December 3rd, the Maryland Summit was held in the Sino-China Science Park, the University of Maryland. Dr. Kai Duh, the director of Sino-China Science Park, graciously extended a warm welcome to the delegates. Senior managers from some American Hi-tech companies represented in the Park attended the summit, displaying their cutting edge technologies. The two nations' entrepreneurs engaged in productive discussion in relation to hi-tech collaboration projects in the fields of biological pharmaceuticals, advanced IT technology, hi-tech lighting, venture capital and innovation training programs.