The Three China’s SMEs Global Development Forum

Chairman's Remarks

Carlos Magariños
Mr. Carlos Magariños
Chairman Emeritus
Former UNIDO Director General

Dear Friends,

As a central pillar in the world economy, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a critical role in innovation, advancement and sustainable development worldwide.

In today's increasingly globalized world, SMEs around the world have to unprecedentedly compete globally. They are both the most dynamic and the most vulnerable constituent in the global economy. Therefore, there is a need for a globally coordinated platform to promote the international cooperation and exchange among SMEs that can enable them to better grow. This is a compelling, but also challenging, mission.

Aiming to build such an interactive platform, the Global Alliance of the SMEs (GASME) is both an advocator and a practitioner of international cooperation and exchange among global SMEs. The Shanghai Manifesto on Global SME Cooperation that GASME jointly declared with trade organizations from various countries at the Global SMEs Expo 2009 provided......


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Jointly created by over a dozen founding organizations such as the US-China Exchange Association, British-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Asia-Pacific SME Cooperation Center and MeetChinaBiz in partnership with more than a hundred other prominent trade organizations around the world, the Global Alliance of SMEs (GASME) was incorporated in the United States as a non-profit multinational NGO ... more

GASME Agenda for Year 2013

  • Global Summit of SME Leaders
  • Roundtable Summit of Chinese Leaders with World Business Leaders
  • China-EU Enterprises Partnership Week 2013
  • China-US SME Partnership Week 2013
  • Brand Promotion Base Launch
  • 《White Paper on Global SMEs Development 2013》
  • Announcement of “Congdu Manifesto on Global SMEs”
  • GASME China Center
  • Sino-German Enterprises Business Center
  • more
Global New Fortune Forum 2015 The Second China’s SMEs Global Development Forum Global Summit of SME Leaders Shanghai Manifesto on Global SME Cooperation

Global Leadership Forum

The 21st century belongs to the SMEs. An important mission for GASME is to ensure that SMEs can benefit from the collective wisdom of world leaders in both the business and political arenas. GASME will partner with influential organizations in various countries to stage world leader forums at appropriate times and places in order to help global SMEs gain access to the vision and guidance of world leaders. Please enter

Global SME Resources

  • US-China Exchange Association
  • Diverse Manufacturing Supply Chain Alliance
  • British-Chinese Chamber of Commerce in UK
  • MeetChinaBiz
  • Sao Paulo Chamber of Commerce, Brazil
  • Europe-China Commercial Union
  • Africa China Trade Investment Facilities
  • China Africa Business Council
  • China International Cooperation Association of SMEs
  • China Enterprise Directors Association
  • China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • China Federation of Industry
  • Brand China Industry Union
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