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2008 US-China Entrepreneur Summit

2008 US-China Entrepreneur Summit, jointly organized by US-China Exchange Association (USCEA), Global Alliance of SMEs (GASME), Global Trade & Technology Center (GTTC), R&F World Chart Consulting Group, and in collaboration with US Department of Commerce, and US Small Business Administration (SBA), was held in The Princeton Club of New York City on December 1, 2008. This is the 4th annual US-China Entrepreneur Summit since 2005.

37 corporate executives of Chinese firms, including some China's most famous companies, led by Mr. Ai Feng, Vice Chairman of China Confederation of Enterprises and Vice President of China Federation of Industries, attended the event. Also presented at the conference were: William Spitler, Chairman of Global Alliance of SMEs, Carmela Mammas, Director of the U.S. Department of Commerce New York Office, Terry Jackson, Managing Director of the New York City Mayor's Office, Toni Corsini, Regional Manager of International Program, US Small Business Administration, Kunimasa Akasaka, Director of New York State Department of Economic Development, Dr. George Wang, President of USCEA, Myles Matthews, President of GTTC, Gerri Cristantiello, Executive Director of NEXCO, and Frank Garcia, Vice President of GBR, as well as about 150 executives of US companies.

During the summit, Chinese and US attendees discussed the issues on the current US financial crisis, internationalization of Chinese brands, Chinese enterprises' expansion in the US market, the US-China bilateral trade relationship, business opportunities in China market for US corporations, and how Chinese enterprises go public in the US, among other issues.

The highlight of this summit was the unveiling of "the 2008 Most Valuable Chinese Brands", "the Chinese Brand Founder" and "Chinese Brand Person of 2008". 19 Chinese brands and 17 Chinese corporate executives received those awards, respectively. Mr. Aifeng, Vice Chairman of China Confederation of Enterprises and Vice President of China Federation of Industries, delivered a keynote speech on how Chinese brand go global at the award conferring ceremony.

During the face-to-face talk, about 200 corporate executives from China and the US discussed their business interests with each other, primarily in the areas of home appliance, electronics, new materials, cables, machinery, chemicals, instruments and meters, hardware, auto parts, textiles, glassware, minerals, meat packing, condiment, international cultural communication and financing. Both parties reached over 20 agreements involving venture investment, OEM, and setting up branches.

In New York, Chinese delegation also visited F&T GROUP and its e888 business center. After the visit, quite a few executives expressed great interest in cooperation with F&T Group.

Chinese delegates also visited Washington, DC after New York events. In Washington, the delegation visited U.S. Chamber of Commerce and met with Myron A. Brilliant, Vice President of U.S. Chamber of Commerce for Asia. They discussed the issues on financial crisis, bilateral trade, US-China business cooperation, and others. Mr. Brilliant expressed his desire to provide assistance for Chinese enterprises in networking with their US counterparts. Dr. George Wang, President of USCEA, Mike Andrews, Vice President of Citibank, Diana Keegan, Director of AIG, Mary Arnold, Vice President of SAP Group, Paul Neureiter, Vice President of ACE Inc., and Richard M. Rossow, Vice President of New York Life Insurance Company attended the meeting.

Bill Zarit, Deputy Assistant Secretary of U.S. Department of Commerce, also met with Mr. Aifeng, Dr. George Wang and some Chinese entrepreneurs. They exchanged views on US-China bilateral trade issues.

Some major US media such as Associated Press, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Global Entrepreneur, and World Journal all dispatched reporters to cover the event.