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SME International Matchmaking

2007 US-China Business Matchmaking (Beijing) Conference

Co-organized by US-China Exchange Association (USCEA), Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau, US Small Business Administration (SBA) and US National League of Cities (NLC), MeetChinaBiz, and American International Trade Center, the 2007 US-China Business Matchmaking (Beijing) Conference was held in Beijing Jiuhua Resort on June 30, 2007.

The Conference was attended by Mr. Ronald Bew, Former SBA Associate Deputy Administrator & Director of Richmond District, Virginia, Dr. George Wang, President of US-China Exchange Association, Ms. Daisy W. Lynum, Mayor Pro Tem, Commissioner of Orlando Council, Florida, Mr. Harris Nelson, Mayor of Roanoke, VA, Mr. Jerry Libbin, Vice Mayor, Commissioner of Miami Beach City,Florida, Mr. Mylo Einarson, City Administrator, Grafton, North Dakota and Mr. Jean Marc Pelletier, Mayor, City of Brossard, Quebec, Canada, Mr. David Burton, President, National Minority Manufacturing Institute, Maryland, Mr. David Bruno, VP, American International Trade Center as well as Mr. Shawn He, Chairman, MeetChinaBiz, along with more than 40 North American entrepreneurs and corporate executives to attend this conference with hundreds of business projects.

Mr. Zhang Zhigang, Former Vice Minister of China Ministry of Commerce and Chairman of China Foreign Trade Center, also attended the conference and delivered a speech, addressing on China's cureent trading situation vs. USA. He hoped that the 2007 Beijing conference would further promote the trade and business cooperation between the two countries. Meanwhile, Mr. Zhou Weimin, Deputy Director of Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau, also spoke at the forum. He emphasized that nowadays Chinese companies have made great progress on the products, technology, and personnel's skills, and they have been doing business in a way that is more in line with the international standard. So they are eager to take more active part in the global competition. He hoped that the jointly organized conference will build a bridge for Beijing local companies to do business with more American firms.

As Mr. Ronald Bew mentioned, Sino-American SMEs should have a vision to work with each other on the basis of mutual benefit. Also, both countries' government should strengthen economic cooperation so as to provide more opportunities for the SMEs.

More than 200 companies from both countries attended this conference. Through face-to-face meetings, the Sino-American SMEs had reached about 50 agreements involving financing, metallurgy, light industry, logistics, environmental protection, tourism and real estate industries.

It is another achievement of the conference that American International Trade Center singed a long-term cooperation agreement with China Women Development Foundation. According to the agreement, American International Trade Center will donate about 136 million RMB to China Women Development Foundation. Mr. David Bruno, Vice President of American International Trade Center, said the money to be donated would be used in developing China's charities and helping poverty-stricken women. He hoped the donation will open a window for US SMEs to make contributions to China's charity cause.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hu Zhiyu, a famous attorney in New York, was also invited to give a speech on "How Chinese Companies Can Expand in the US Market".