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SME International Matchmaking

2007 US-China Business Matchmaking (Shanghai) Conference

Co-organized by US-China Exchange Association (USCEA), China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (CASME), US Small Business Administration (SBA) and US National League of Cities (NLC), the 2007 US-China Business Matchmaking (Shanghai) Conference was held in Shanghai Galaxy Hotel on June 25, 2007.

The Conference was attended by Mr. Ronald Bew, Former SBA Associate Deputy Administrator & Director of Richmond District,Virginia, Mr. Ted Ellis, Mayor of Bluffton, Indiana, Dr. George Wang, President of US-China Exchange Association, Ms. Daisy W. Lynum, Mayor Pro Tem, Commissioner of Orlando Council, Florida, Mr. Harris Nelson, Mayor of Roanoke, VA, Mr. Jerry Libbin, Vice Mayor, Commissioner of Miami Beach City,Florida, Mr. Mylo Einarson, City Administrator, Grafton, North Dakota and Mr. Jean Marc Pelletier, Mayor, City of Brossard, Quebec, Canada, and more than 50 other North American entrepreneurs and corporate executives with hundreds of businss projects.

Mr. Li Zibin, Chairman of Chinese SMEs Association and former Deputy Head of National Commission of Development and Reform, Mr. He Weiwen, Former Commerce Counselor, Chinese Consulate General in New York, Mr. Gan lin, Vice Mayor of Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province, Mr. Chen Dehong, Vice Mayor of Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province, as well as about 10 Chinese local governmental officials and 500 Chinese entrepreneurs also attended the conference.

On the conference, Mr. Li Zibin, Chairman of Chinese SMEs Association delivered the keynote speech on "Pushing Forward US-China SMEs Cooperation". He noted that it is the important experience for Chinese companies, with famous brand, good products and service, to enter the international market so as to expand their development potential. Also, it will do a lot of good for the Chinese SMEs to be introduced with qualified foreign resources and technologies for their innovation and rapid development.

Mr. Ronald Bew and Mr. Ted Ellis also spoke on the US-China SMEs cooperation. They both expressed their strong confidence in the prospects of the cooperation between US-China SMEs and cities. Meanwhile, they comments highly of the US-China Business Matchmaking Conference which has been held successively for 7 years.

Mr. He Weiwen also held a seminar for the Chinese officials and entrepreneurs. The seminar focused on the issues such as Chinese currency exchange rate, how to conduct cooperation between US-China SMEs as well as Sino-American small & medium sized cities. His remarks won great acclaim from the audience and his newly-published books "Succeed in America" were quickly bought out by the audience.

More than 60 foreign companies attended this annual conference. The majority of them are from USA and some of then are from Canada and Australia. These companies, bringing in about 410 business intents, primarily in the areas of financing & investment, electronics, machinery, auto parts, biopharmaceutical, health care, metallurgy, furniture, door & windows manufacturing, garment, international purchasing, wholesaling, outsourcing service, tourism, agriculture, logistics, HR, education and consultancy. Through the face-to-face meetings, both parties had reached agreements on more than 113 potential cooperation projects, involving USD $78 million. For example, the US Bric Link Capital had signed LOIs with two Chinese private companies and five Chinese international trading companies. ADW Worldwide, an Atlanta commercial tables and chairs importer, had signed a purchasing agreement of USD $1.5 million with a Shanghai local office furniture manufacturer. The company of Marvin Windows and Doors, an American Windows & Doors manufacturer, had reached agreements on parts processing with two Chinese companies, involving about USD$800,000. It is expected that more agreements will be signed in the next a few months with the coordination of USCEA.

In the morning of June 25, two pairs of American and Chinese cities signed cooperation agreements with each other to establish a long-term economic cooperation relationship: Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province vs. Orlando City, Florida, Shaoxing County, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province vs. Roanoke, VA. Meanwhile, CASME and USCEA had also signed a long-term cooperative agreement, with CASME as a permanent co-host of US-China Business Matchmaking Conference. Therefore, USCEA, CASME, US SBA and US NLC will jointly develop the best international business and trade platform for the US-China SMEs.

During the conference, Mr. Li Zibin, Mr. Ronald Bew, Mr. Ted Ellis, Ms. Daisy W. Lynum, Mr. Harris Nelson, and other distinguished guests also held a formal meeting and took pictures with UCECO Chinese Leading Entrepreneurs, UCESCO Chinese Leading Artists and Chinese Leading Educators.

The Chinese media also showed great interests and attention to this conference. The Chinese major media such as Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai TV, China International TV, Dragon TV, China Daily, China Zhaoshang Website, Shanghai Eastday Website, all dispatched reporters to cover the event.