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SME International Matchmaking

2007 US-China Entrepreneur Summit

2007 US-China Entrepreneur Summit, jointly organized by US-China Exchange Association (USCEA), City University of New York (CUNY), US National Association of Export Companies (NEXCO), Global Business Roundtable (GBR), Global Trade & Technology Center (GTTC), Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Adam Friedman and Associates, in collaboration with US Department of Commerce, and US Small Business Administration (SBA), was held in The Princeton Club of New York City on December 6, 2007. This is the 7th annual event of USCEA since 2001.

Corporate executives from 36 Chinese companies across many industry lines, such as machinery manufacturing, auto parts, electrical and electronic products, communications, oil and petroleum products, medical equipment, textile, food, packaging, art crafts, other consumer products, investment and finance, attended the event. Dr. Wang, President of USCEA hosted the event. William Spitler, Director of US Department of Commerce New York Office, John Miller, Chief Marketing and International Trade Officer, US SBA, Long Li, Commercial Consul of The Consulate General of P.R. China in New York, Gerri Cristantiello, Executive Director, NEXCO, Myles Matthews, President, GTTC, Frank Garcia, Vice President, GBR, Steve Kaplansky, Executive Director, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Adam Friedman, President, Adam Friedman Associates, Weili Ding, Vice President, Chinese Association of Small Medium Entrepreneurs, Gang Wu, Chinese Business Delegation Leader delivered welcome speeches. About 150 executives of US companies from Greater New York Area attended this conference. During the event, the US and Chinese companies reached more than 20 LOIs involving USD $50 million.

Before the summit, USCEA and CUNY co-organized The US-China Business Roundtable in the College of Staten Island of CUNY, Alice Chan and Jetta DeNend, International Trade Specialists, US Department of Commerce, Frank Dito, Business Development Specialist, US SBA, Marc Roberts, Vice President, Direct Access Partners, LLC (a NYSE listed Wall Street firm), and S?ren M. Petersen, Head of Networks & Partnerships, Global Compact Office, United Nations talked with the delegation on various issues related to the international trade , development of small business, how to finance from US capital market, and corporate social responsibilities.

After the summit, USCEA, Maryland PG County Free Trade Zone, and China Research Park of University of Maryland jointly organized another roundtable for the Chinese business delegation. The preferable tax treatment for the investors and incubator of the Research Park attracted interests of the Chinese executives. During their stay in the New York metro, the leader of the delegation and a famous artist in China, Mr. Wu Gang and his son, a famous young artist, held a glass art show in New Jersey, which was very well received by the audience. The delegation, led by Frank Cao, USCEA China Chief Rep, also visited LA County government after their trip in the east coast.