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2011 Russian IT market will grow steadily

Recently, IDC analysts predict Russia's IT market will grow steadily. According to IDC's report shows, as of the end of 2011, Russian IT spending will grow by 13.3%, technology spending will grow by 20%. However, not all companies on the market agree with this prediction, they believe, in 2010 Russian IT market, rapid growth, the fourth quarter of 2011, this situation may change.

IDC predicts the next few years, Russia's IT spending will continue to grow steadily. Vertical market in Russia 2010 - 2014 forecast study, IDC analyst once described the Russian IT market trends and industry and products in the field of IT spending. In 2010, the Russian IT market for home users is the main force, followed by transportation, communications and energy sectors. Then there is the Russian government, education and health. Compared with 2010, 2011, the Russian IT spending will grow by 13.3% (calculated in U.S. dollars), technology spending will grow by 20%.

IDC's chief consultant Xie Weiqi sermon: Currently, the Russian economy continues to recover, including retail trade and financial sectors affected by the financial crisis, including the more serious areas of IT investment has shown a steady growth trend. 

Classics system integrators, marketing manager Li Jiya Addis Ersi Ke Ya also endorsed this view. Experienced the past nearly three years after the financial crisis, many companies began to market a high degree of emphasis on information technology and have put in more money. She said: enterprises in the introduction of new IT solutions to optimize business processes will always be after, the result will be lower costs and expenses, increase profits, improve work efficiency.

However, system integrators, deputy general manager Wei Luoni Kroc view, the growth trend in 2010 will continue into 2011, rapid growth rate since 2010. 2011 is able to get that kind of growth, but also in the fourth quarter market conditions. She said: Beginning in 2009, Kroc started the company to avoid the implementation of high-risk projects, so our company and market developments may differ. But learned from our dealers, there are signs that the market will grow substantially. According to her, ongoing infrastructure, procurement, implementation of IT infrastructure services, leasing and rental system. This is a completely different financial model, its cash flow will be less than the total income to calculate market trends must also be a way to make a change.

Li Jiya Addis Ersi Ke Ya also highlighted cloud computing technology trends in the IT market's position: the market, many operators have been prepared on the basis of the platform in the cloud as small and medium enterprises with limited funds to provide various services and convenient way to pay . She remarked: There are many companies never thought of a solution is now ready to get through the cloud computing services. Therefore, the enterprises in the gradual growth of IT spending, and, if more profitable business because of cloud services, then the business of IT investment will also increase. Our company is implementing a large-scale federal projects, from the purchaser's investment in the project can be seen, cloud computing services is a positive development in Russia.

According to IDC, the next few years, Russia's IT market will grow steadily. Business investment in IT will be an annual average increase of 11.6%. 2015, the introduction and upgrading of IT infrastructure spending will exceed $ 41 billion.

IDC's analysts tend to believe that the industry will be the highest growth rate in retail trade (17.4% average annual growth), have relatively high growth in transport, communications, energy and municipal fields. Large companies in key industries of the IT investment will gradually slow down, the next few years, information technology, target market will focus on SMEs, which in the introduction of new solutions has enormous potential.