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The First GASME International Reception Hall Established in Hefei

On September 20th, GASME held the unveiling ceremony of the International Reception Hall at Hefei TusCity.

Christian Wulff, Former President of Germany, Global Chairman of GASME and Recipient of the Chinese Government Friendship Award 2022, Frank Cao, Executive Chairman and Secretary-General of GASME and Advisor on China Affairs to Former German President Wulff, Zhou Furu, Former Chairman of the Hefei Municipal Committee of CPPCC, Wang Wensun, Director of the Import and Export Fair Trade Bureau of the Department of Commerce of Anhui Province, and Cha Fei, Chairman of the Anhui Alumni Association of Tsinghua University and Co-Chairman of Anhui TusCity, among other guests, jointly unveiled the "GASME International Reception Hall ".

Currently, a major challenge for local governments in developing their economy is attracting investment. In order to solve this problem, GASME will establish a number of international reception halls around the world, with Hefei being the first city.

The alliance establishing an International Reception Hall in Hefei received strong support from the Anhui Provincial Government. During a meeting with Chairman Wulff on September 18th, Han Jun, Secretary of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee, pointed out that Anhui Province warmly welcomes the establishment of an international reception hall by GASME in Hefei. Secretary Han said that attracting investment not only requires the introduction of towering trees but also the introduction of flowers and plants. Governor Wang Qingxian said that the Anhui Provincial Government hopes to cooperate with GASME to establish a bilateral industrial cooperation fund with China Investment Corporation and foreign financial institutions to help foreign enterprises explore the Chinese market and invest in China.

The positioning of the International Reception Hall is "an incubator for cross-border investment by enterprises". Its functions are mainly divided into four sections: first, a cross-border investment and trade training center, second, a cross-border investment and trade big data center, third, a cross-border investment and trade docking center, and fourth, a cross-border investment project roadshow center. The alliance will establish its first International Reception Hall in Hefei. Within two years, we will establish more than 10 International Reception Halls in regional central cities across five continents.

Come in and go out, which are the two main features of GASME International Reception Hall. We will invite industry giants from countries such as Germany, France, Japan, Israel, and Singapore to attend the Science and Technology Business School of China University of Science and Technology for training, helping them quickly enter the Chinese market. On this basis, we will promote foreign enterprises with huge sales potential to establish R&D and manufacturing bases in China. At present, the key regions for Chinese enterprises to go global are East Africa, ASEAN, and the European Union. For Chinese companies, establishing a manufacturing base in East Africa would make exporting to Europe more convenient; And establishing a manufacturing base in ASEAN will make exporting to the United States more convenient.

Building an interconnected platform for global business associations is the key to building a good international reception hall. For this reason, next year we will hold the "Global Business Association Cooperation and Development Conference" in the Yangtze River Delta.