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Anhui Provincial Party Secretary Han Jun and Provincial Governor Wang Qingxian Met with Chairman Wulff

On the afternoon of September 18th, Han Jun, Secretary of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee, and Wang Qingxian, Governor of Anhui Province, met with Christian Wulff, Global Chairman of GASME and his delegation in Hefei.

During the meeting, Chairman Wulff deeply reviewed his historical encounters with and deep feelings for Anhui, and said that to come back to this beautiful city of Hefei again after four years felt particularly warm. “This is the sixth time I have come to Hefei, and every time has brought me a different feeling. The rapid changes and development achievements of Hefei have amazed the world. During my tenure as the governor of Lower Saxony in Germany, I visited Hefei twice to unveil the new site of the China Germany Cooperation Environmental Technology Transformation Center and the "Anhui Germany Center" at Hefei University. I also attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the Hefei factory of Continental Tire Company.” It is precisely because of the favorable investment environment in Anhui Province that many famous German companies such as Continental Brands and Volkswagen have successfully been attracted to Anhui for investment and development. As two major manufacturing countries in the world, China and Germany have achieved common development in the field of manufacturing through continuous deepening of practical cooperation over the past 51 years. Anhui Province has extensive cooperation and exchanges with Germany. As early as 1984, Anhui Province established a friendly provincial-state relationship with Lower Saxony in Germany. At present, Germany has invested more than 150 enterprises in Anhui, with Volkswagen, Continental, Bosch, Siemens and others investing or cooperating in Anhui Province. The cooperation between JAC and Volkswagen has become a model of win-win cooperation between both countries.

When it comes to the World Manufacturing Convention, Chairman Wulff pointed out that the current trend of global geopolitical fragmentation is still developing, and the global supply chain has been disrupted or interrupted, posing significant challenges to the recovery of the world economy. Holding the 2023 World Manufacturing Convention at this critical moment provides a cooperation platform for the world economy to seek trade and investment on the basis of multilateralism, bringing new hope to the world economy. The World Manufacturing Convention has been successfully held for five consecutive sessions, and this year is the sixth. As one of the organizers, GASME highly appreciates and actively supports this. “As the Former President of Germany and the Global Chairman of GASME, I sincerely hope that the manufacturing industries of China, Germany, and other countries around the world can seize the opportunity of the World Manufacturing Convention, jointly take the opportunity of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and promote the high-quality development of global manufacturing to inject new impetus into the world economy.”

Chairman Wulff stated that GASME will establish an international reception hall in Hefei and turn it into an "incubator for cross-border investment by enterprises", attracting more international enterprises to settle in Anhui and assisting in the high-quality development of Anhui's economy.

Han Jun, on behalf of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee and Government, welcomed Chairman Wulff and his delegation to Anhui to participate in the World Manufacturing Convention and conduct inspection activities. He said that the cooperation between Anhui Province and Germany has a long history, and the friendly provincial state relationship with Lower Saxony is about to celebrate its 40th anniversary. With the joint efforts of both sides, the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides have achieved fruitful results. We will further strengthen friendly provincial and state exchanges and deepen practical cooperation in various fields in accordance with the important consensus reached by President Xi and the German Head of State and Government.

Han Jun pointed out that currently Anhui is seizing the opportunity for major changes in the automotive industry and focusing on building a new energy vehicle industry cluster with international competitiveness. In the era of economic globalization, there is me in you and you in me. Volkswagen Group has invested in the layout of a new energy vehicle manufacturing center in Anhui, establishing the only new energy vehicle R&D and innovation center outside of Germany. We will fully support the development of Volkswagen Group in Anhui, support German enterprises to expand investment in Anhui, participate in the construction of Anhui's new energy vehicle industry chain, and achieve a higher level of mutual benefit and win-win situation. Anhui Province warmly welcomes the establishment of an international reception hall by GASME in Hefei. Because attracting investment not only requires towering trees but also flowers and plants.

Han Jun emphasized that since 2018, the World Manufacturing Convention has been successfully held five times and is becoming a landmark, leading, and high-end platform for opening up and cooperation in Anhui, meanwhile hoping that Chairman Wulff and GASME can play a bridging role and continue to help enhance the influence of the convention.