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Welcome Banquet in Honor of Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown Held in Shanghai

On October 27th, the Welcome Banquet in Honor of Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown and the Launch Ceremony of the Global Listing Summit for Chinese Enterprises 2019 were held in Shanghai Parkview Hotel.

Distinguished guests attending the banquet included: Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the UN Special Envoy for Global Education, Xiangzuo Jin, Vice Chairman of GASME and President of World Packaging Center Group, Frank Cao, Secretary-General of GASME and Global Affairs Adviser to Former German President Christian Wulff, Zhan Wang, President of Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations, Laixing Cai, Former President of Shanghai Industrial Investment (Holdings) Co. Ltd., Guobiao Ye, President of China Financial Information Center, Guohua Zhang, Former Director of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, Shuming Dao, Vice President and Secretary-General of Shanghai Public Diplomacy Association, Zhengrong Zhao, Chair of Board of Supervisors of Shanghai Trust Co. Ltd., Zhe Jin, Vice Chairman of World Packaging Industrial Alliance and Executive President of World Packaging Center Group, Yixin Pan, Executive President of Wenzhou Public Diplomacy Association, Jianping Yao, Former Deputy Director of Shanghai Construction Group, Wei Wang, President of Spring Airlines Japan, Hongxin Wang, Founding Dean of Overseas Education College of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Junfeng Qin, President of Anhui Sino-German Innovation and Development Fund, and Dao Huang, Executive Chairman of GASME International Cultural Communication Committee.

Secretary-General Frank Cao expressed his sincere thanks for Rt. Hon. Brown’s attendance, pointing out that “as is the only Prime Minister in the UK with a doctoral degree, Rt. Hon. Brown has made mainly two outstanding contributions to the British economy. First, he has granted ‘operational independence’ to the Bank of England. Second, he has prevented the UK from joining the European single currency system, saving the British economy from the vicious cycle of boom-bubble-bubble burst. Mr. Frank Cao further introduced the three main courses in GASME’s agenda: First, holding the World Manufacturing Convention. With the huge success achieved at the first session, the second session is scheduled to kick off in Hefei from September 20th to 23rd in 2019. Second, establishing the Global Network for Business Organizations, with the aim of bringing together more than a million business organizations across the globe and creating a platform for their networking and communication. Third, promoting targeted poverty alleviation. We will carry out a series of poverty alleviation programs with the support of United Nations Capital Development Fund and the Ban Ki-moon Fund.

Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown pointed out in his speech that international cooperation is an unstoppable global trend. Take the development of the International Space Station as an example. The Space Station cannot be established with the effort of one single country. Instead, multilateral cooperation in terms of financing and technology development is indispensable. Led by the U.S. and Russia, now the development of the International Space Station is joined by 16 countries including Canada, Japan, Brazil and the European Space Agency. The cooperation in space indicates the potential for close cooperation on the ground. Currently the Sino-British relation has entered a golden age with extensive cooperation opportunities and potential. Speaking of the international trade war launched by the U.S., Rt. Hon. Brown stated that he didn’t want to see any trade war or trade disputes between any two countries. “The British growth rate is 1.5%, Japan, less than 1% and the Europe, 1.5%-2%. The economic activities of the Asia and the Europe account for 60% of the world’s total and the interaction between Asia and Europe is increasingly stronger. Therefore, neither Asia nor Europe wishes to see a trade war and it cannot afford to last long. I wish new trade agreement can be reached under the WTO framework to address the trade disputes.”

President Xiangzuo Jin pointed out in his speech that “in response to the ‘Phoenix’ Action Plan proposed by Zhejiang Provincial Government and to improve industrial concentration and core competence, World Packaging Center Group and GASME, along with other organizations, are setting up China Qiantang River Phoenix IPO Center in Qianjiang New City, aiming to build a listing incubation platform integrating the functions of resources reassignment, planning guidance, professional training, project docking as well as cooperation and matchmaking to create more opportunities for listing companies. It will contribute to the development of Qiantang River Finance Bay and the industrial transformation and upgrading, and the establishment of a demonstration base for the incubation of unicorn companies, gazelle companies and headquarters of listed companies. In the early November of next year, the Global Listing Summit for Chinese Enterprises 2019 will be held in Hangzhou.”

President Wei Wang emphasized the importance of social responsibility in his speech. Different actors, be it the country, the corporation or the individual, should all have the awareness and willingness to take their social responsibilities. Take Spring Airlines as an example. When the company first shared out bonuses, the main leaders of Spring Airlines donated around 20 million for public welfare to Kangbao County, a place with the worst natural condition in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province. In Kangbao, where “it’s harder to raise a tree than to raise a child”, Spring Airlines successfully nurtured 280 thousand trees within 3 years. President Wang stated that “Spring Airlines is an epitome of all Chinese enterprises to proactively take the social responsibilities. It is with the devotion of all the SMEs to the public welfare that the society becomes better and more harmonious.”

Dean Hongxin Wang and President Junfeng Qin also delivered speeches. As the founding dean of Overseas Education College of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Mr. Wang attached great importance to talent cultivation. He pointed out that “it is the talents that guarantee the high-quality development of China’s economy”. President Qin was full of confidence for the World Manufacturing Convention, believing that with the support from all sectors of the society, the World Manufacturing Convention would definitely become the Davos in the manufacturing industry.

At the banquet, the Launch Ceremony of the Global Listing Summit for Chinese Enterprises 2019 was held. Rt. Hon. Golden Brown, President Xiangzuo Jin, Secretary-General Frank Cao, President Zhan Wang, President Zhe Jin and President Wei Wang came to the stage and pressed the launching ball.

At the end of the banquet, GASME, Anhui Sino-German Innovation and Development Fund, and Anhui Leitingwanjun (Holdings) Co., Ltd. signed the trilateral strategic cooperation agreement.

Address by Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown

Speech by President Xiangzuo Jin

Address by Secretary-General Frank Cao

Speech by President Wei Wang

Speech by Dean Hongxin Wang

Speech by President Junfeng Qin

Launch Ceremony of the Global Listing Summit for Chinese Enterprises 2019

Signing Ceremony