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GASME World Leaders Camp in South Korea

The GASME World Leaders Camp led by Secretary-General Frank Cao kicked off in Seoul, South Korea from July 16th to 18th, 2018.

This camp involved eighty-eight outstanding entrepreneurs, mainly from Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong, Shanxi, Anhui in China.

During the short three-day camp, our delegation listened to the excellent speeches of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Samsung Vice President Cheon Joo Wook at Yonsei University, dialogued with Jin Yinghao, National Assembly Member of the South Korean Congress, and visited the Samsung Innovation Museum to have a taste of the high-end technology and inexhaustible innovation of Samsung. This trip has been commended by all delegation members as unforgettable and rewarding.

On the morning of July 17th, the delegation was honored to meet with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at Yonsei University in Seoul. During the following “Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Sustainable Development Lecture”, GASME Secretary-General Frank Cao first expressed his gratitude to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on behalf of all delegation members, and then acknowledged the outstanding contributions made by SG Ban Ki-moon, especially his push for the Sustainable Development Goals, calling on entrepreneurs to learn from SG Ban Ki-moon’s philosophy, wisdom and spirit.

SG Ban Ki-moon pointed out that sustainable development goals are the shared vision of mankind and the social contract between leaders and peoples of all nations. They are not only a list of actions for the benefit of all, but also a blueprint for success. While conveying the concept of sustainable development, SG Ban Ki-moon also expressed high praise for the Chinese culture: the greatest contribution that Chinese people have made to the world is its splendid culture. China is a state of etiquette, and Chinese culture is bound to be long remembered.

Samsung Vice President Cheon Joo Wook emphasized in his speech that the tremendous changes of the Internet and the difficulties and crises that current enterprises face may make them unable to sustain in the next five years. Combined with the start-up experience of Samsung, Mr. Cheon Joo Wook suggested that Chinese entrepreneurs should not rely on consultation and “external brains” during crisis. Those external experience can only be referenced but never copied. Independent judgement and opinions are always of vital significance.

After the lecture, the delegation visited South Korea congress. SG Frank Cao, Mr. Guo Shuliang, President of Shanghai Transep Co. Ltd, Mr. Huang Dao, Executive Chairman of the GASME International Culture Communication Committee, and Mr. Shang Jiandang, Secretary-General of Beijing Danqing Painting and Calligraphy Institute had an in-depth exchange with Mr. Jin Yinghao, member of South Korea National Assembly. Speaking of China-South Korea relations in the future, Mr. Jin pointed: people who know China like me are so rare in our congress, and thus our foreign policies are clearly tilted towards the US. However, with China's growing international influence, I believe that there will be more and more "Pro-China" in South Korea and the prospect of China-South Korea relations will become positively clearer. After the exchange, Mr. Jin came to the congress hall to communicate with the delegation, leaving a memorable group photo.

On July 18th, the delegation came to Suwon where the headquarters of Samsung Electronics is located, and visited the Samsung Innovation Museum (SIM). The 10,950-square-meter five-story museum is divided into three exhibition halls. Hall 1 and 2 show more than 150 historical items, and Hall 3 demonstrate current and future electronic technology innovations. Here, the delegation not only experienced the past, present and future of Samsung Electronics Industry in South Korea, but also went through the rich history of electronic products from the first electrical works of Michael Faraday, Thomas Edison and Graham Bell, inducing their imagination for the future of electronic innovation.

UN SG Ban Ki-moon met with GASME SG Frank Cao

SG Ban Ki-moon delivered a speech

SG Ban Ki-moon delivered an address

Samsung VP Cheon Joo Wook delivered a speech

South Korea Congressman Mr. Jin Yinghao met with SG Frank Cao

Group Photo during SG Ban Ki-moon Sustainable Development Lecture

Group Photo in South Korea National Assembly

SG Frank Cao visited Samsung Innovation Museum