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Mr. Li Zhaoxing visits the World Packaging International Center with Mr. Frank Cao, Secretary-General of GASME

On October 6, 2014, Mr. Li Zhaoxing, Former Foreign Minister of China and President of China Public Diplomacy Association visited the World Packaging International Center in Hangzhou. Mr. Jin Xiangzuo, President of World Packaging Center and Mr. Frank Cao, Secretary-General of GASME were present with Mr. Li.

World Packaging International Center is a key strategic initiative of Hangzhou and serves as the headquarters of World Packaging Industry Center, as well as regional headquarters and offices for international organizations, multinational corporations, international associations, chambers of commerce and so on.

Mr. Li pointed out that the building of World Packaging Industry Center is a groundbreaking undertaking of great meaning. The World Packaging Industry Center in Hangzhou will highlight the strategic importance of China’s role in regulation and decision making in the world packaging industry.

Mr. Li also mentioned that the World Packaging Center is a platform to share resources and cooperate on innovative developments, which requires efforts from all sectors as to integrate international resources.

Mr. Li expressed his strong belief that GASME’s consultative status with UNIDO will help build the World Packaging Center into the flagship organization in the world packaging industry.

After learning that the World Packaging Center has agreements with many international organizations, institutions and multinational corporations, Mr. Li considered this development just the beginning. He said that with the rapid modernization around the globe, world packaging industry has developed into an emerging industry that is both technology-intensive and labor-intensive, promoting the technological innovation and creating more jobs. Mr. Li believes that packaging will become a pillar driving force for many industries and enjoys a bright future.

Mr. Zhang Hongming, Mayor of Hangzhou, met with Mr. Li and expressed his warm thanks for all he has done for the World Packaging Center.