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US Congressman Brady Met with GASME Delegation from China

On Feb. 16, 2012, Kevin Brady, a Republican Congressman from Texas, met with the Chinese delegation at the offices of the US House of Representatives.

The Chinese delegation, led by Mr. Frank Cao, China Secretary-General of GASME, was comprised of 51 entrepreneurs from all over China.

Brady extended his warm welcome to the Chinese entrepreneurs. In his speech, he pointed out that China and America were the two most influential countries in the world and the cooperation between the two nations is very important and mutually beneficial. As the cornerstone of the economy, SMEs of both nations have their own strengths, and should work together to find maximum effectiveness. Thus, it is meaningful and essential for SMEs from the two nations to cooperate with each other. This visit to America, organized by GASME and US-China Exchange Association, was a great opportunity for Chinese entrepreneurs to seek investment and technological cooperation from their American counterparts.

In terms of investment, Congressman Brady also welcomed Chinese enterprises to make investment in America. He believes that most Chinese enterprises would not have problems investing in the U.S., given that there are many opportunities for investment across a wide array of investment areas to be found. He expressed his belief that it is a good time for Chinese enterprises to make investments in the U.S.

At the end of the meeting, Brady took photos with the Chinese entrepreneurs.