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The end of 2011 Russia may join WTO

Recently, Russia's WTO accession negotiation delegation, trade negotiations, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development Division Maxim - Dmitry Verde Primakov declared that Russia may be a meeting in December to complete the accession negotiations. 

 It is reported that Russia applied to join the WTO in 1993, has lasted 18 years. 

 July 20 in Geneva a new round of negotiations on WTO accession negotiations. The Russian delegation said that Russia's position on the support of agricultural development is firm. Russia's meat import quotas to support agriculture and the position remains unchanged on. At the same time, including Brazil and 21 countries including the United States is very concerned about Russia's pork import quota. 

On July 18, the eve of a new round of negotiations, Russian Economic Development Minister Elvira said that Russia and the United States on the issue of pork import quotas, there are significant differences. But the Russian side pointed out that in the maintenance of Russia's import quotas can not make concessions. In addition, there are also differences in the assembly industry. In the July 20 negotiations, both sides of many issues the automotive industry consultations. Russia had to agree to major rivals (the U.S. and the EU) the terms proposed. In addition, foreign car manufacturers insist on the abolition of Russia in 2011 signed a new "auto industry assembly agreement."
The agreement includes the vehicle manufacturers should produce at least 300,000 per year foreign cars, while ensuring that the localization rate of 60%. 

 Russia's accession to the WTO is not the main yoke assembly of pork import quotas, and industrial issues, but with the customs territory of Abkhazia, Georgia on the issue of border control differences. Russia and Georgia on this issue have held three rounds of talks with the Swiss delegation. But not the outcome of the Russian side said they would not lose hope, will continue efforts to eliminate differences. July 28 the same day, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev submitted to the State Duma the issue of "Russia and the Abkhaz customs cooperation and mutual assistance agreement", it is believed this will help promote the negotiation process.