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French Minister for the Environment: Environmental protection is a job

Known in the French romantic, environmental protection is also the world's green industry occupies an important position. November 4, 2011, in Shanghai, visit the French Environment Minister Mo Lize and Sina environment for the exchange. In detail the development of environmental protection industry in France and the French Government's environmental policy, the Mo Lize Minister also highlighted the environmental point of view of her: environmental protection is not a constraint, it is the job opportunities of the new economy, investment, environmental issues smooth progress, but will give new meaning to globalization.

"Modern art can find a place in the natural environment."

Many Chinese people may have seen the documentary "Home", it can be said that environmental protection and the French art of a perfect crystal. In reality, the French, who set the environment and culture and the arts in a natural attractions, will be given special protection. Mo Lize Minister said that in southern France, the artist with some of the local landscape as inspiration, and these are used for artistic expression of the natural landscape is now protected. Because they are used for art background, so visitors to the ground, then, will have a special feeling.

In Mo Lize Minister seems, the environment and the arts not only in this point of intercourse. She believes that occur in the natural environment can also have artistic way of life. For example, she said, recently held in Paris, France and other places is an international exhibition of contemporary art, the exhibition is not limited to the museum, which will display in the hall outside the part. This intent is natural to hope that artists express their ideas through, can be very modern, can be very different, or even a man-made, because "seems artificial, it is in the natural environment."

"We do not need to get through the waste of happy"

When it comes to environmental problems facing the world, Mo Lize minister said the key to solving the problem, is not to develop a new waste-based economy. The previous economic model of human energy, water and raw materials and other elements of waste are very serious, and a contrast to the economic model based on savings, not return to the original, but to build a new future.

Mo Lize Minister said: "We do not need to waste to get happy. Wasted not a luxury, in fact, it's just stupid."

For her reference to "save the new economy," Mo Lize Minister explained that it needs is great creativity. For example, through recycling, the original waste as a new type of raw material to be used. This has become a very innovative and technical work. Mo Lize said: "It does not say what spending less, you will be more pleased and it is spending what you need, but the consumer well, trying not to waste this is very technical."

In Mo Lize Minister seems, at least in the "save the new economy" efficient use of energy and resources in areas such as the French company is to occupy an important position, for example, Schneider and Veolia company. And the French are trying to establish the relevant environmental protection industry in China joint ventures and partnerships. She made special mention of France and the city of Wuhan in-depth cooperation. In her view, the ongoing restructuring of Wuhan active in this area is becoming "a model and pioneer," a bright future for the French and Chinese companies want to participate.

"Environmental employment opportunities, the new economy, is the investment"

Before 2007, the French implementation of the traditional environmental policy, that a single field of environmental protection policies by the individual and the vertical departments. But after 2007, Sarkozy government will integrate all of these sectors by Miss Mo Lize will now be responsible for the Ministry of Environment is responsible for ecological, transportation, housing, marine, industrial safety, nuclear safety, and many other duties, but also to develop common the policy. For this policy arrangements, Miss Mo Lize explained that this was to no longer see those responsible for different areas of dispute, and now the first integration affairs policy must take into account environmental factors.

Mo Lize said: "We are sitting at the table so that all participants before the trade unions, companies, countries, elected politicians, NGOs, all have been discussed, the development project, a vote which created a new era of environmental policy . "

The results of such great importance to environmental policy is clear: now in France, building a new house about a year to 50 kilograms per square meter of water, which is three times the previous standards. France in recent years launched a mass transit project, previously only 350 km away from the mass transport to 1800 km. The population density of Paris will be the development of new transport system. In addition, France also attach importance to environmental protection such as the emerging electric car industry. France's Renault will have four new electric vehicles to market, and the corresponding charging device also stepping up construction. In biodiversity issues, the new park under construction in France, as marine protected parks, industrial parks and other nature conservation.

For this work, Mo Lize about her thoughts: "We believe that the environment is not a luxury, you have the money to enjoy, which is the opposite, when you need it in a crisis, because it is the job opportunities, it is the new economy It is an investment in investment two years ago, President Sarkozy launched a total of 350 million euros in loan projects, 200 billion euros for research, 100 billion euros for sustainable development issues, such as marine energy, New car, new clean vessel, which is an integrated project, we tried to do so in France. "

"Tell the people the environment is not a limiting factor."

The world is facing economic crisis, so in this case, how to make environmental policy has been widely accepted yet. Mo Lize Minister's views as follows: "When you say the environment, people need to hear the jobs you need to be clear that we are because of the environment and creates jobs."

She said the week before, she visited Lyon a clean air-conditioning materials manufacturing company, totally unnecessary energy consumption. French government would like all new buildings to install such a device. The company is not a small company, it is 1,300 jobs. Mo Lize said, "My job is to inform the public of this company, to tell people not to limit environmental factors, it will for you and your child create jobs."

Mo Lize Minister cited the second example is wind energy development along the coast of France. In France, people are like landscapes, so the establishment of "unpleasant" The wind energy plant is a very complex thing. However, relatively near-shore wind energy is much simpler, because the French west coast is flat, you can place 15 km from the coast to establish wind power base, "It's like so far in the distance draw a match, will not pose any the problem. "

Mo Lize's ambition is to develop offshore wind energy industry in France, related to the tender has now entered the first stage. Participate in the bidding company will be assessed according to the following criteria: 40% of the evaluation criteria is price, and 40% of the job evaluation criteria include industrial development, 20% of the evaluation criteria is their ability to dialogue with marine users, for example, They must be dialogue with the fishermen. They have a dialogue with fishermen incentives to allow fishermen to get some benefits from the wind base. For example, wind power can provide base maintenance services. "So I designed in an integrated policy to make people aware of the protection of environment is conducive to their economic interests," Mo Lize concluded.

"The real, active cycle of" VS "disaster cycle"

"We're trying to convince other countries in international negotiations, we are convinced that the environment is the new frontier." When it comes to the upcoming Durban, held in December when the climate change negotiations, Mo Lize Minister gives the word.

In addition, the European Union in June next year will celebrate his 20th birthday. In Mo Lize Minister, this is a great opportunity to achieve a "real, positive cycle"; Of course, if disposed of improperly, it can also be a real disaster. The "real, positive cycle" is in the G20 countries to find innovative solutions for financing for development and climate change. Countries in Durban, there might be agreement on these issues, which will set up 20 years of talks with the EU to provide a positive impetus. France's goal is to set up 20 years in the European Union set up global environmental organization, because the world needs such an organization. Mo Lize Minister said: "There is the WTO, WHO, World Employment Organization, there is no international environment, global organization, we need a global environmental organization."

She also warned that, with the circulation is relatively positive, "disaster cycle" in the future there is a certain possibility. If the G20 summit did not achieve any good results, if the Durban climate talks end in failure, then the EU is likely to be the burial of all those who wish to environmental negotiations, "so we are in a very risky stage."

"Globalization requires a new meaning."

According to the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen by the agreement, developed countries should in 2010-2012 to $ 30 billion developing a green climate fund. Minister appears in Mo Lize, green climate fund to help countries get the opportunity to go beyond the conventional path of development, such as the environment can be hit without access to clean energy, which is advocated by France and want to promote. For example, France and African countries signed the "Paris - Nairobi Initiative" to help countries direct access to clean energy.

As in reality, how to raise real money for the Green Climate Fund funding, Mo Lize minister idea is to find an innovative fund, organize global approach to tackle global issues. For example, the activities of global taxation, the money is used directly to the Green Fund. Related to the use of funds will be more transparent, the source is also very direct, you know where the money came from, where they spent. Establish a Green Fund is the efficiency issue is a credibility problem. It will also enable a new meaning to globalization.

"Globalization requires a new meaning. China needs it, we need it, the world needs it and I think that innovative approaches will be a reasonable answer to this question," Mo Lize finally said.