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One of the Lowest Costs of Setting-up

Business start-up costs in France are some of the lowest in Europe. France is ranked 3rd in terms of economic attractiveness, after Singapore and Canada. Why choose France? Because of its competitive energy, transportation, real estate and employee costs.
Lower energy costs
France ranks better than the US and Germany, and is on a par with the UK for electricity rates (cost per KW) and better than the US and Germany for gas prices. It is among the leaders for the variability of electricity rates.
Lower real estates costs
Compared to other world-class cities, Paris is less expensive than London and Frankfurt. Real estate costs, in terms of housing and commercial premises, are among the lowest in Europe. Rental costs in Paris are two to three times lower than in London. Paris is also the leading European capital for real estate investment performances.
Lower manpower costs
Current employee costs (including social security charges) are lower in France than in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands.
These advantages position Paris as a very attractive business destination. The French capital is ranked 2nd worldwide in terms of company headquarters, with 27 out of Fortune’s Global 500 companies, ahead of New York, London and Beijing.
Some examples of companies having set up their headquarters in France:
Microsoft   (USA), Dole (USA), Delphi Corporation  (USA), Motorola  (USA), Steelcase   (USA), The Timken company  (USA), Carrier (USA), Shiseido  (Japan), Akebono  (Japan), Ajinomoto  (Japan), Amada (Japan), Cascades  (Canada), Smurfit Kappa (Ireland)
Others have joined them recently:
Amore Pacific (South Korea), Pilot Pen (Japan), Jtekt Corporation (Japan) Yoshi Yamamoto   (Japan), Sakata seeds  (Japan), Autobacs  (Japan), Calsonic Kansei (Japan), Coca Cola (USA), Abbot  (USA), Monsanto  (USA), IAWS (Ireland), Impress (Netherlands)