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Global Competitiveness: France Climbs Two Places

France has climbed two places in the “Global Competitiveness Index” published by the World Economic Forum, rising from 18th to 16th position.

France offers some of the best infrastructures worldwide (2nd position), an exceptional motorway and road network, and excellent energy and communication networks. Other strong points include: a healthy workforce and a high quality educational system – n°1 worldwide for its management schools.

France shows great vitality in the field of innovation: 2nd position for its capacity for innovation and patent protection. The country also offers a very favorable business environment (9th position in terms of modernization of activities).

Germany (7th) and the United Kingdom (12th) dropped by 2 and 3 places respectively in this index, which is based on a combination of statistics and opinion polls and an amalgamation of approximately one hundred different indicators.