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Vice Governor of Heilongjiang Meets Chairman of GASME

On November 10, 2011, Mr. Sun Yao, Vice Governor of Heilongjiang province, met with a delegation led by Mr. Carlos Magariños, Chairman of GASME in the city of Harbin. The delegates and Mr. Yao discussed Heilongjiang’s international economic cooperation as well as internationalization of SMEs.

Mr. Sun briefly introduced the state of Heilongjiang’s SMEs to Mr. Magariños. He said there are almost 100,000 SMEs currently in Heilongjiang, over 90% of all the enterprises in Heilongjiang. In addition, Mr. Sun expressed that developing SMEs have become increasingly important in his province. However, there is still a big gap among SMEs in Heilongjiang and those in neighboring provinces in terms of their development speed and scale. Mr. Sun hopes that GASME can combine its global resources andcooperate with Heilongjiang province mainly in international financing, technological research and development, talents training, to speed up the transformation and growth of SMEs in Heilongjiang.

Mr. Magariños reiterated that Heilongjiang is a critically important province in China’s northeast. He continued to say that GASME is currently implementing its SME Global EZPath Program, and hopes to have close cooperation with Heilongjiang provincial government to allow for more Heilongjiang SMEs to benefit from this program, a practical platform built by GASME to combine global resources.

After the meeting, the Heilongjiang provincial government and GASME signed a memorandum of understanding on collaboration. The main content is as follows: First, Heilongjiang provincial government will recommend competitive enterprises to participate in SME Global EZPath; Second, GASME will actively recommend and encourage competitive foreign enterprises to invest in Heilongjiang; Third, GASME will select a group of developing enterprises with development potential for further advancement and assist over 10 Heilongjiang enterprises be successfully listed on the NASDAQ in the next 5 years.

The Chinese provincial representatives present included Aiwu Yang, Vice Secretary General of Heilongjiang Provincial Government, Fangbo He, Deputy Director of Heilongjiang Commercial Department, Guangzhao Zhai, Deputy Director of FinanceOffice of Heilongjiang Province, Shaoliang Zhang, Vice Mayor of Harbin City, Xin Liu, General Secretary of the Management Committee of Harbin Economic and Technological Development Zone, Deshan Li, Vice Chairman of Heilongjiang Council for the Promotion of International Trade and others.

GASME delegates present included Mr. Ronald E. Bew, former SBA Associate Deputy Administrator and Director of Richmond District, Virginia, Dr. George Wang, Associate Executive Chairman of GASME and President of US-China Exchange Association, Fang Cao, Secretary General (China) of GASME, and Lin Wang, Chief Representative of US-China Exchange Association in Chengdu.